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VPS Server




If you are sincere about your trading goals you should definitely consider running your trading programs and your algorithms on a VPS server.

A Virtual Private Server which will handle your cAlgo, cTrader and cBots execution on a 24/7 basis, with a super low latency of 1ms to your broker.


It will execute all your robots (cBots) or manual placed orders instantly. A VPS server is running 24/7 without hardly ever going down. Even if your own computer or internet connection is failing the VPS server will handle all of your positions, orders and stop losses without you even being connected to the internet. It will protect you against electricity or computer failure and a malfunction internet connection. The cBots will also run to its advantages on a VPS server with more accurate and faster stop outs, which will result in saving money at the end for the trader. It also will protect the trading account according to the strategy running, even if you lose the connection to the internet.


A low latency towards the brokerage firm when the orders or stop losses are executed are of very high importants. By using a VPS server you will get the fastest possible execution. Why is this so important? It has to do with the placement of orders, closing of positions and executing stop outs and so on. Money to be saved for the trader in his overall trading costs. The prefered latency to the brokerage server should be around 1-2ms and by executing at this low latency the slippage will hardly be noticed when being filled or stopped out by a cBot or by manual trading when the stop losses or targets are triggered. Also advanced features like move stop loss to breakeven, trailing of a position, partial target close, will come to its advantages on a fast VPS server.

We have at RMM selected a VPS company that can deliver this low latency that is needed for the serious trader and to a very compative price point as well. Open a VPS today and protect yourself from electricity outage, computer failure or just the need of shutting down your own trading computer for a while, maybe for a welcome family beach visit! Don't worry the VPS will handle any open positions and all the cBots running for you!


Trade safe and be protected at all times!

The RMM Robot Team is our choice when it comes to a very fast, reliable and a low cost VPS server. 


Special discount for Standard, Advanced and Expert plan. It applies only for a new-signup. 


Discount code: RMMRobot

Paste in the code when signing up and you will recieve a 10% extra discount on the above mentioned plans.





We have traded on a live account with both cAlgo and cTrader and with several charts and cBots running. The VPS performed remarkably well. They also have a high standard of support and 100% uptime guarantee with datacenters in London-Equinix, New York - Internap, Frankfurt-Leaseweb and Amsterdam-Equinix. During our 6 months of trading, the server never went down to our knowledge. It preformed quick and snappy in all situations. Installing or upgrading cAlgo and cTrader is a joy and the same goes for all our cBots and programs. If you are you are after a VPS server, this is a very good alternative that we can highly recommend. Try them out and we can promise, you won't be disappointed! They also have a 30 Days Moneyback Guarantee!  Free 2 months if you decide to sign up for a yearly priced plan.



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Please use any link on this page if you decide to sign up with and do not forget to use the special Discount code: RMMRobot to get the extra discount of 10%.