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 Trading Scenarios




  The trading scenarios are based on a basic RMM strategy to protect the trading account on a daily basis. 0.50% - 1% risk of the account value, per single trade and only one open position at the same time. If several opened positions are used then the 0.50%-1% risk per position needs to be reduced accordingly. For the simplicity distance between the target levels and stop out levels is set to 1%. If the account equity reaches a target level and then retraces, the stop out level is placed 1% below and will stop out the session. Break-even is the starting point, and the account balance entered in the parameters setup will show no profit or loss at that point. A positive percentage indicates the account equity is above break-even, and a negative percentage will show that it is below break-even. 


After the first position is made and throughout the entire session the account equity will fluctuate until eventually being stopped out by the robot, or if it is stopped manually by the trader himself. The session can run the entire session without stopping. When the length of the session is over, the account equity can be between levels showing either a profit or a loss depending on how the session itself has progressed. 


These are just samples of some very likely scenarios in “real live” trading and the whole purpose is to illustrate and to educate with different scenarios how the RMM Robot will handle the task of protecting the trading account.





Basic setup of the strategy in the RMM Robot.





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