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Running several RMM Robot's



Several RMM Robot's can be run at the same time. For example one can be set up to run daily and the other one weekly. The two robots can have different parameter settings fitted for the strategy at place. The daily one starts and stops every day and the weekly one, once a week.


To accomplish this to have several RMM Robot's listed in the cBot listing, they have to have different file names.



Select the RMM Robot 2.5 in the cBot listing in either cAlgo or cTrader. 




Right click on the robot.



Select Show in Folder.




Find and copy the RMM Robot 2.5 file in the folder and paste it in to make  a second copy of the file, rename the new copy to the desired file name. 

The two RMM Robot files will now be visible in the cBot listing in both cAlgo and cTrader.