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cTrader Setup



To setup and run the "RMM Robot 2.5" directly from cTrader, is a breeze.



1. Click on cBots in the upper left hand corner of cTrader.




2. Scroll down and select RMM Robot 2.5. Add an instance (+) where you want the robot to run on.




3. Change the "Account Balance" parameter to the same value your account balance is standing at. Modify other parameters by scrolling down the "Modify Parameters" list. When done click on "Apply". Click to start the RMM Robot!





Charts, positions windows are all detachable in cTrader. If the trader prefer to have the RMM Robot 2.5 window clean, except for the information coming from the robot, right click on the chart, and modify "Viewing Options", unselect everything. In "Color Options" change the bear, bull outline and fill, to the same background that is on the chart.


Below is an example of a setup in cTrader where the RMM Robot window is running clean and the QuickTrade window is placed in the middle. All windows are detached from cTrader and to retrive and save the work space, the trader need to be signed in on their cTraderID on the cloud.





Easy, quick setup


Over 40 parameters!

9 To streamline the strategy and protect the trading account.

Intuitive setup of parameters!

Lock in profits


On multiple levels!


Multiple target levels keeping profit.

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Guard the account


Against draw downs!


Minimize risk with

multiple stop loss protection.

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Custom strategies


Build a strategy!


Customize the strategy.Personilize

it, and build.

Unlimited possibilities!

 RMM Screen


30 trading indicators!

8 Control the trading session. Be in charge of the out come.

 Trade with confidence!