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Who will benefit from using the RMM Robot in his trading?
Any trader with the understanding that risk & money management is a vital part of being successful in the competitive market place. It will protect the trading account from massive draw downs and lock in profits on the upside. The trader will have at his hand an instrument that gives him total control of the risk management environment. The RMM robot can be set up exactly to fit his individual trading style and strategy.

Can I trade directly by using the RMM screen?
Yes, you can trade exactly as you trade on cAlgo, cTrader and cTrader Web. The RMM screen has additional aids to help the trader visually see the status of the trading account such as orders, positions, free margin, spread, pips information and so on. The RMM screen is also a wealth of information for the trader on how the session is progressing. The status of all the levels are fully displayed to the trader. He can act upon the information with full confidence. Color coded information will visually guide him if the session is in a positive or in a negative territory with just a glance on the RMM screen.
What is Stop Out Levels and Target Levels?
They are predefined levels to insure that the trading account is protected and secured when the account equity is within those levels. This means regardless if the trader is trading through robots, by manual trading, or a mixture of both, the account equity is still protected within those levels.
Stopped out of the session?

This happens when any of the stop out levels, trailing or exit levels are triggered. The RMM Robot will then close open positions to secure the trading account at that level. The session is over according to the robots setup. Trading stops at that level, until a new session is started by the trader with a new account balance value.

What is break-even?

Break-even is the zero level of the account balance. No profit or loss. This is the starting point for the RMM Robot, and all levels are calculated from break-even. Above break-even is a positive outcome, and below break-even is a negative outcome.

Can I run more then one RMM Robot at the same time?
Yes, several can be run at the same time with different settings. For example, one can be set up to protect the account on a daily basis, and the other one can be set up based on weekly trading. The daily RMM Robot is started and stopped every day with a new account balance each day. The weekly one only starts and stops once a week with a new account balance once a week.


Does the RMM Robot place any orders or open any new positions?
No, it only closes positions or orders according to the parameters setup by the trader. The trader uses other robots or manual trading to open new orders and positions. The RMM Robot's sole purpose is to guard the traders invested money and therefore protects all positions and orders. The RMM Robot is dedicated to this task and will carry out all the instructions made by the trader in the setup of the robot.

Can I have a mixture of different instrument, currency  pair and positions opened?
Yes, the RMM Robot will handle all positions regardless of instruments, currency pairs, or on how many are opened at the same time.
How many other robots can be under the protection of the RMM Robot?
It is unlimited. It depends on your computer resources or VPS server on how many robots can be run at the same time.


Can I trade with cTrader, cTrader Web and cAlgo at the same time the RMM Robot is running?

Yes, it will protect the trading account from all the platforms if the RMM Robot is running at the same time.

Do I see positions made by cTrader and cTrader Web on the RMM screen?

Yes, the RMM screen will display updated information from cAlgo, cTrader and cTrader Web at the same time.

What is a RMM strategy?

A strategy is when the RMM Robot's parameters have been set up to protect the trading account. The setup can have a very limited risk setting or a higher one depending on the strategy at place. For example if you are trading with a 100,000.00 account and you would like to narrow the risk, the setup would be to narrow the percentage between the different target and stop out levels, and to set up the stop out exit level to low. The strategy of the risk setup all depends on the length of the session, the traders style of trading and his risk tolerance. A strategy can be built to run on any time frame. It can be run from hours to daily, weekly, monthly and on any instrument that needs to be protected by the RMM Robot.

Can I run the RMM Robot on a VPS (Virtual Private Server)?
Yes, to get the fastest execution, with low latency towards your broker, it is recommended. A network with <10ms that is connected to the brokerage firm will then execute stop outs and trailing of the account equity as fast as possible. The security of having the RMM Robot running 24/7 to protect the trading account is also a big plus. Running additional robots together with the RMM Robot on a VPS will result in less slippage, faster execution and less over all costs for the trader.

Can I trade on a laptop with a small screen?
Yes, the RMM Robot can be run on a Windows computer with a screen size of 13" which has a resolution of 1366 x 768 and up. All the information on the RMM screen will still be displayed correctly. Trading on an IPad or an Android tablet as long as the resolution is 1366 x 768 and higher, can be done. Additional  Third-party software for remote access needs to be installed on the tablet to handle the conversation across to the Window platform and your main computer or VPS. Manual trading through cTrader Web application on a smaller device is an option too . The trading account will be protected by the RMM Robot regardless of the device used, if the robot is running on your local computer or on a VPS at the same time.
When the RMM Robot stops out a session, can it stop other robots running?
Yes, by using a Third-party software it can stop other robots running at the same time. This is useful when you want the RMM Robot to be in total control over other robots running in the background, and you need to stop these robots when the RMM Robot has stopped out of the session.

Can I use other Third-party software together with the RMM Robot to benefit my trading?
Yes, Third-party software can be a complement to give the trader more information on how his trading is progressing. MyFxBook is such a tool. When it is linked up with the cAlgo and cTrader brokerage accounts, it will give a valuable risk & money management insight based on all the trades done. The information received is not in “real time” but on regular minute updates. It's still is a valuable tool for the trader. The RMM Robot welcomes all Third-party software that can limit the risk for the trader and give him additional information on how to protect the trading account. 

What is the different between cAlgo, cTrader and cTrader Web?

cAlgo is the platform the RMM Robot is run and executed on. It's a platform for robots (cBots) and has some basic manual trading as well. Several robots can be run at the same time as the RMM Robot is running and it will guard the trading account according to the setup of the RMM Robot. The cAlgo RMM screen can be maximized to full screen size because all the information needed is on the RMM screen itself. The robot section and the position section can be hidden to achive this. It all depends on the traders preferences when setting up the RMM screen.

cTrader is more intuitive for manual trading and has some advantages when it comes to manual trading. The RMM Robot can also be run  directly in cTrader to benefit from cTraders manual trading advantages.

cTrader Web is more suitable for trading on the go and can be logged in from any browser and on any device used. The three platforms coexist together and every trade made on cAlgo, cTrader, and cTrader Web is protected by the RMM Robot and is displayed on the RMM screen, if the RMM Robot is running on your local computer, or on a VPS at the same time. The trader uses the same trading account and can be logged in at the same time on all three platforms. The trading can then quickly shift between robot trading on cAlgo and manual trading on cTrader and cTrader Web.

On which brokerage firm can I run the RMM Robot on?

On any broker that supports cAlgo and cTrader. The list is growing very fast and it is becoming a very popular platform for ECN / STP trading. Direct market access (DMA) with no re-quotes and without interference from a trading desk. Its lightning fast. With an extremely fast execution model and very low spread, provided by all the liquidity providers connected to the brokerage firm's network.



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