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Close Positions 1.0 


The Close Positions 1.0 cBot will close all open positions when stopped.


Close Positions 2.0 


4 parameters are added since version 1.0. A selection of closing winning trades and losing trades. You can now decide what positions to close. "Winners" or "Losers" or an combination of both. The parameters "Winners profit in pips" and "Losers loss in pips" sets the pips when they are triggered. Color coded so you can clearly see if the closing are based on the profit or loss parameters. The Risk percentage is now updated to show 4 digits to give a more accurate reading on the risk percentage.


Default setup 2.0




Closing winners with 15 pips in profit, and losers with a loss of 7 pips.




Close Positions cBots are free to download!

They can be run on both live and demo accounts without restrictions.


Supports all charts. There is no setup needed for version 1.0, just start the cBot. For version 2.0 there are 4 parameters, default is however the same as version 1.0.


When the cBot is started it will give the trader information on how many sell and buy positions are opened, and the total in positions and lots. Also how the profit or loss are in pips and in amount. Color coded so the trader can with just a glance see, if he is in positive or negative territory with his positions.The risk in percentage and in amount on all positions are shown.


When the cBot is stopped it will immediately close all open positions, unless specified otherwise in version 2.0!


The Close Positions cBot can be placed anywhere on the screen, especially if you detach the window in cTrader. It is small in memory usage and can be resized to fit your workspace.




Close Positions 1.0 cBot running without any positions in place.




Running with open positions in place.




 Version 2.0 running with a selection when to close winners and losers.




Open Positions

Open Positions gives information on how many active opened positions are filled. Market orders will immediately show up here. Limit and stop orders too when filled. If dim colored, indicates that no positions are opened.


Sell (short)

The short positions bought of the total positions active. If dim colored, it indicates that no short position are opened.


Buy (long)

The long positions bought of the total positions active. If dim colored, it indicates that no long position are opened.



When there are open positions this information shows the total lots of all positions. If dim colored, it indicates that no positions are opened.



When positions are in place this will give important information on how high of a risk the positions are in when the stop loss is executed on all positions. This is based on total volume, stop loss on each position, and commission both ways. The risk in amount and in percentage are given. If dim colored, indicates that no positions are opened and the risk is therefore zero.



The Pips is the total pips in profit or loss on all the opened positions. If the pips are in a positive territory it will be shown in a positive color and if it's in negative territory in a negative color, at break-even it's dim colored.


Positions P&L

Positions P&L is the profit and loss in amount on all opened positions. Commission both ways are included. If the positions are in positive territory, it will be shown in a positive color and if it's in negative territory, in a negative color, at break-even it's dim colored.





Close Positions with the chart made visible.





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