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The Complete Risk & Money Management Solution

for cAlgo and cTrader Platforms!


                          Lock in profits on different levels                                Safeguards the trading account
                          Protection against massive draw downs                      Multiple Robot setups
                          Robots (cBots) or manual                                               Over 40 parameters setup
                          Total money management control                             Guards other robots running


  The main purpose of the RMM Robot is to safe guard the trading account and limit the risk of draw downs or even a ”blow out” of the traders invested money. There are many aspects to take into consideration to prevent this from ever happening. Sound and strict money management principles are one of the most important ones. The RMM Robot has implemented these principles into its core and applied it into an automatic robot running, without the traders need of intervention. The trading can be carried out with confidence and assurance that the robot will carry out the instructions, according to the strategy at place. The RMM Robot is fully configurable to suit the traders needs by applying his own configuration into the robots instructions. There is a total control of the situation involving the protection of the trading account.

   The RMM Robot is run as a "session". The session starts after the setup of all parameters are completed, according to the traders strategy. The robot is started and until any of the "Stop Out Levels" are triggered and then at that time it will stop out the session. Or it will run until the RMM Robot is stopped by the length of the session by the trader. The length of the session is determined by the traders strategy, and once the robot is active it can run the entire session without stopping. It can be a daily, weekly, monthly, or any length according to the traders strategy.  
  The RMM Robot can be run in the background, or it can be used as the main screen for trading activities. Once the parameters and strategy have been setup and the robot is running to protect the trading account, the trader can relax and concentrate on his trading activities. Knowing this, he is completely protected and secured by the RMM Robot, regardless if he is trading with other robots, in a mixture of robots and manual trading, or just manual trading. Decision making and trading without stress, will of course result in better trading. 
  The RMM robot is entirely dedicated to the task of protecting the trading account. Therefore it will not place any orders but will close open positions and "safeguard" the account according to the setup parameters. Over 40 parameters can be used to set up the traders risk & money management environment in a quick, easy and understandable way. Target Levels and Stop out Levels are set to lock in profits on different levels, above or below break-even. Target Exit, Trailing Stop on the upside and Stop Loss Exit on the downside, to furthermore protect the trading account. 
  Email, margin, message alerts, sound and statistic information on screen will assist the trader during the trading session. Open positions, orders, spread alert, pips, P & L, account equity and balance information is updated constantly. Stop out levels, target levels, target exit, trailing and close position indicators when reached, give a total control on how the trading session is progressing. Color coded information will visually guide the trader if the session is in a positive or a negative territory, just by a glance on the RMM screen. 
  When the RMM Robot has stopped out of the session, on any of the levels, then the trading session is "over" according to the robots setup. To start trading again the traders have to manually stop the RMM Robot and start a new session. Trying to place additional positions after being “stopped out” while the RMM Robot is running will only result in closing all positions immediately. It's a security measurement taken to protect the trading account at all costs.
  If the RMM Robot is run together with other robots, and they have their own money management setup or no risk management, then the RMM Robot should have a "higher" setting. Otherwise the other robots will place positions with the affect being stopped out at once by the RMM Robot. Third-party software can be used, if the intention is when the RMM Robot has stopped out the session, it also will stop other robots running.
   If the computer or server running the RMM Robot is shut down and needs to be rebooted, all the values in the parameters setup, are intact. Target levels and stop loss levels that have been reached will be lost. The RMM Robot needs to be restarted again to be able to protect the trading account. If the account equity has reached a certain level after restart, the RMM Robot will set the right levels according to the account equity standing. 
  To set the robot to "ground level" and start a new session the account balance parameter needs to be reentered  with a new balance value.
  The RMM Robot can be run on a computer with a screen size of 13" with all the information on the screen will still be displayed correctly. Trading with a laptop on the go, which has a resolution of 1366 x 768 and up, is perfectly fine. The more RAM memory and stronger CPU the laptop has, the better. On a stationary computer with a screen size of 22”-24" , 4-8GB of RAM memory and a I3-I7 CPU, running the RMM Robot will be a breeze. 
  A Virtual Private Server (VPS) can be used to run the RMM Robot for the fastest possible execution and low latency towards the traders brokerage firm. The VPS server should be placed on a network that can offer the lowest latency in conjunction to the broker. This will also give the trader additional security, ensured that the RMM Robot is running 24/7.
 Start the RMM Robot before the trading session or leave it on constantly. This depends on the length of the trading session and the traders strategy. Multiple RMM Robots can be setup to handle the risk & money management environment, for shorter or for longer time periods.

Easy, quick setup


Over 40 parameters!

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