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 Subscription Information



The RMM Robot can only be purchased on a subscription based plan.


1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or on a 1 year subscription plan.





FREE! Unlimited Full version $0


This is the full version without limitations other then it can only be used and run on “demo” accounts, it never expires and can be used totally free for as long as you like. A perfect way to test trade and learn all about the RMM Robot in a demo account enviroment.
To start trading with the RMM Robot on a “Live” account, a live subscription is requried.


“Live Subscriptions”

Live subscriptions can be used on both “live” and “demo” accounts with no limitations. Full support and upgrades are included. After testing out the RMM Robot on demo accounts for a while, the trader will have the exprerience and the understanding of all the benefits of protecting his invested money. When time has come to go “Live” and trade with real money, there are several subscription periods to sign up with, choose the one that is right for you!


1 month subscription $39                                        1 month subcription


A good start for a trader and a testing ground to see if the RMM Robot will fulfill the needs of the trader. This is with a low cost and without any pressure to continue the subscription after that. A first time user introduced to the RMM Robot usually selects this subscription or the 3 months subscription plan. They try the system out in demo or live trading accounts. If they are satisfied with the result they achieved during this time, they normally upgrade to a longer time period.


3 months subscription $99 ( save $18 )              3 months subscription


This is for the trader who realizes the importance of being protected and secured in his trading goals. A choice to select instead of the 1 month subscription to insure they really give the RMM Robot a rigid workout in their demo and live trading environment. A good selection to start with as well.


6 months subscription $175 ( save $59 )            6 month subscription


The trader understands the value of risk & money management aspects in his trading, at all times. Most traders upgrade to this subscription after trying out the RMM Robot for 1-3 month and experience the benefits of being in total control of their risk & money management and their trading accounts.


1 year subscription $330 ( save $138 )                1 year subscription


The trader is totally in charge and has been proved that risk & money management is a life saver and a guardian of his trading accounts. He has already saved many times the cost of the subscription fee involved and has the insight that the subscription is a minor cost, in his overall trading costs. He trades without stress and has been assured that the RMM Robot is totally reliable of carrying out all the strategies as intended. He is also convinced of the vital value of protecting the trading accounts at all costs and what it takes to master the market place.




The subscription plan costs are included with all the taxes and no extra fees are added on!

The "save" prices are calculated against month per month subscription plan.


We are using Paypal as a payment method for subscriptions and other items. You can pay directly from a Paypal account or via debit / credit card via Paypal.

All debit / credit card information is stored by Paypal and not stored on our server. Your purchase is safe and secured by Paypals security policy.



The license for all the plans are valid to be used on 1 computer. For example one PC or one VPS server.

Additional licenses can be subscribed for a deduction of the price. See our website for more details on the costs.

When the subscription plan purchased is 7 days from the expiring date the customer will be billed a new invoice for the new upcoming period according to the last purchased plan. Anytime the customer can log in to his account on the Client Area and upgrade his purchased plan to another plan.

Client Area > My Services > View Details > Management Actions

 The subscription plan can be canceled at anytime by unsubscribing to the recent plan purchased. The last plan purchased is nonrefundable and is valid until the subscription date expires. The subscription plan costs are subject to change. During certain periods there will be promotional prices. Be sure to check out our website if there is any promotional subscription fee available for the period that you are interested in signing up to.



Easy, quick setup


Over 40 parameters!

9 To streamline the strategy and protect the trading account.

Intuitive setup of parameters!

Lock in profits


On multiple levels!


Multiple target levels keeping profit.

Lock in the winnings.

Secure accumulated gain!

Guard the account


Against draw downs!


Minimize risk with

multiple stop loss protection.

 Trade safe and protected!

Custom strategies


Build a strategy!


Customize the strategy.Personilize

it, and build.

Unlimited possibilities!

 RMM Screen


30 trading indicators!

8 Control the trading session. Be in charge of the out come.

 Trade with confidence!