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S. Johansson
2014-07-13, 16:49
The RMM Robot is one great software. I use it in my trading to protect the account. Can't trade without it! The free trial is just perfect to test it out. I am now a regular subscriber and I love it!
T. Roberts
2014-06-23, 20:40
I am running several cBots and have the RMM Robot protect and guard my accounts. I have been using it for 2 months and cudos to the developers who seems to care about the traders. Risk management is such an important aspect of trading and I would not trade without being fully protected.
M. Ackerman
2014-06-13, 01:06
Very good!! The documentation how to use the RMM Robot is superb.
R. Anderson
2014-06-12, 14:13
The support team is really doing all they can to help. I had a problem and they fixed it immediately. I really like what the RMM Robot stands for and soon I'm going live with it.
L. South
2014-05-19, 01:11
I sincerely like to give the developer my thanks for such a money saving robot. Fantastic! is a short word to describe the software.
D. Mainport
2014-05-03, 01:18
I'm thousands of dollars in profit just by running the robot with a strategy I believe in. Going to continue using it from now on.
Good work!

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Over 40 parameters!

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Guard the account


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