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  About Us



The RMM Robot Team is dedicated to bring successful robots (cBot) and money management strategies to the trader.

We believe that Risk & Money Management (RMM) is the difference between failure and success in the competitive market place.

RMM is of the outermost importance. It is a crucial ingredient that should be implemented in any trading plan, strategy or robot (cBot).

It is all about protection of the trading account to guard the traders invested money with sound risk & money management principles.

We have the strongest belief that excellent service and personal interaction with all of our clients, is in the best of interest to you and to us as well.

We wish to welcome you, and sincerely hope that you will find out by interacting with us that we will do our best to fulfill all of your requests.


Respectively Yours,

The RMM Robot Team







Easy, quick setup


Over 40 parameters!

9 To streamline the strategy and protect the trading account.

Intuitive setup of parameters!

Lock in profits


On multiple levels!


Multiple target levels keeping profit.

Lock in the winnings.

Secure accumulated gain!

Guard the account


Against draw downs!


Minimize risk with

multiple stop loss protection.

 Trade safe and protected!

Custom strategies


Build a strategy!


Customize the strategy.Personilize

it, and build.

Unlimited possibilities!

 RMM Screen


30 trading indicators!

8 Control the trading session. Be in charge of the out come.

 Trade with confidence!