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 Free Subscription!






 For all members we offer an Unlimited version of the RMM Robot 2.5. To test out the RMM Robot in their own trading environment without the pressure of paying for the subscription cost. When signing up for the unlimited version only email address and name are required.

No credit / debit card is necessary when signing up for the free subscription!  


We do think this is important for the trader so he feel assured that the RMM Robot will fit his trading needs. The free version is fully functional and exactly the same version used for payed subscribers. The only difference is that it can only be run on "demo accounts" and not on live accounts. It never expires and when the trader is ready to trade on "live accounts" the normal subscription prices applies.The free subscription can easily be upgraded to a payed subscription plan, on the "Client Area" on our website.


We are full of confidence that after using the "RMM Robot 2.5 Unlimited version", the trader will understand the importance of risk & money management principles and the importance of using it in their trading.


Feel free to test out all the parameters of the RMM Robot. Make several strategies that you believe in and trade those on a demo account. Also try to learn as much as you can about the RMM Robot by reading up on all its features and possibilities on our website. You have full access as a subscriber, take advantage of that during your free subscription.


Welcome to the free version and we wish you all the best in using the RMM Robot to protect your trading account.


Best regards,

The RMM Robot Team